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LastStep Sensor Applications

Rapid Detection of contaminants or trace compounds

2 Markets for Future LastStep Sensors

Through the LASTSTEP project, the consortium intends to focus on two markets using two use cases identified by the project.

Detection of CH4

Outdoor Air Quality

The first concrete application studied by the consortium concerns the application of industrial security and processing. Market demand is increasing due to industrialists seeking more safety and security for employees, properties, infrastructure and assets. LASTSTEP sensors will allow rapid detection of trace compounds or contaminants such as fire smoke, hazardous compounds, drugs. Detecting and reducing the impact of methane leaks in the oil and gas industries represents the first government action to achieve sustainable climate goals leading to strong research activities to develop affordable methane leak monitoring solutions .

Outdoor Air Quality : Rapid Detection of contaminants or trace compounds
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Trace Detection

Tampered oils

The second market concerns the MIR analysis solution for the medical and food industry. Its SPID table platform allows to offer SYNOFAST, a rapid solution to detect tampered oils. Using a single-use fiber optic sensor, the SPIDTM FTIR spectroscope can be used on site by a non-specialist (nurse, plant operator, etc.) to obtain diagnostic information in 15 minutes.

Rapid Detection of Compounds

Other applications fields

A complete new world of sensors for environmental or toxic gas detection, clinical or alimentary products analyses depend on the development of photonic components working in the mid-infrared wavelength range. Consequently, environmental chemical sensing, medicine or communications stringently require development of photonic components, especially MIR light-emitters and photodetectors that are highly efficient and monolithically integrable with the present silicon (Si) technology. LastStep outcomes would be applied largely in the field of : 

  • Environnement
  • Food science
  • Medecine
  • Chemical sensing
  • Communications