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Post-doc position : Mid-infrared sources and detectors for GeSn photonic circuits

A three-year position is offered at CEA to work on mid-infrared sources and detectors for GeSn photonic circuits integrated on silicon for environmental detection.

The objectives of the research consist to:

  • Design efficient (Si)GeSn stacks for infrared emission and detection,
  • Apply the tensile stress in the germanium-tin alloy layers to control emission wavelength,
  • Reduce the number of crystalline defects in the active regions of GeSn by coupling new growth pathways and post-process treatments
  • Manufacture and characterize discrete components (microlasers/LEDs, photoconductors and photodiodes), as a first integration brick for the production of more complex integrated photonic circuits
  • Test emitter-detector for environmental detection applications.

We are looking for motivated candidates with a very good academic level (engineering school or high-level university training) and with a master’s or doctorate in fundamental physics, solid-state physics, optics, optoelectronics or photonics.

The candidate must have a good understanding of the physics of semiconductor media, combine modelling skills and experimental qualities for the manufacture and characterization of devices. He/she will have to show team spirit and adaptability to acquire new knowledge.

Contact : Nicolas Pauc : nicolas.pauc@cea.fr / Vincent Reboud : vincent.reboud@cea.fr

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